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Kontaxi Center
Dr. Despina Kontaxi - Physiotherapy Center | Eleftheroupoli Kavala

During your first visit to the Kontaxi Center physiotherapy center, a physical therapy evaluation is performed and the personalized treatment and rehabilitation program is designed.

We have a comfortable and welcoming space in Eleftheroupoli Kavala with specially designed treatment areas and a fully equipped gym and equipment area.

Our experience in the field of physical therapy, our training on all modern techniques and our machines combine to achieve the complete and best possible rehabilitation of chronic problems or injuries.
• Musculoskeletal system mobilization
• Nervous system mobilization
• Circulatory system mobilization
• Lymphatic system mobilization
• Digestive system mobilization
• Therapeutic massage
• Therapeutic bandage
• Therapeutic exercise
• Tesla Technique
• Intermittent pressure and vacuum
• Footprinting
• Electrotherapy
• Point application laser
• Laser for hernias
• Diathermy of all waves
• Tecar
• Infrared
• Ultrasound
• Percussive Ultrasound
• Cryotherapy
• Phototherapy
• Sauna
• Passive mobility devices
• Magnetic fields
• Bioresonance
• Pressotherapy




We are at your disposal for any information or to schedule an appointment.